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If INPEX® is your first trade show, you may be wondering how to attract business attendees to your booth. I’d like to share some tips with you to help get more booth traffic, and then be remembered once that interested attendee walks away!

  1. Eye Catching Display: Attendees tend to gravitate toward exciting, colorful displays or dynamic product demonstrations.
  2. Remember Business Cards: Always write a note on the back of business cards given to you by the business attendee. Helpful reminders on what you talked about or what they liked will keep you refreshed if you speak with them again later.
  3. Free Stuff!: Everyone LOVES the word “FREE” – consider offering some type of free giveaway at your booth, even something as small as candy to attract attention.
  4. Have A Booth Buddy: If you need to step away, the buddy system is helpful to avoid your booth appearing empty, therefore unapproachable.
  5. Get Your Sales Pitch Right: Practice and perfect your 2-minute elevator pitch! Be able to explain your invention in 2 minutes or less to interested attendees!

See the INPEX Infographic below to help you remember these trade show tips!


InventHelp's INPEX Trade Show Tips


If you want to get exposure for your idea, find out more about INPEX 2014, America’s largest invention trade show, held June 18-20 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. Call 1-888-54-INPEX or Click Here to speak to one of our account representatives to help reserve your booth today! Booth space continues to fill up quickly!


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