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Greetings inventors!


Can you believe the holidays have already come and gone? Sometimes it’s crazy just how quickly time flies! But the gift-giving isn’t over yet – I have the latest winner of the INPEX’s “5 Booths in 5 Months” sweepstakes to announce. So, without further ado, January’s lucky recipient is…

Allen Humphrey, TX 

Congratulations, Allen, you’ve just won a free booth to display your invention at INPEX! Wow, last month’s winner was from Washington and now we have a winner from Texas. That just goes to show how INPEX brings together inventors from all over the map. Keep in mind, there are still 3 booths left to give away. Our next winner will be drawn February 11th so (if you haven’t already) enter today!

A couple other quick notes:

If you’re thinking about booking a booth at INPEX, you might want to act soon to get that ideal booth location. The closer we get to the show, the quicker our booth spaces fill up – and, like I said earlier, time flies! To reserve your booth today, call 1-888-54-INPEX.


And, for those of you interested in getting news about inventions and new products, check out the InventHelp Blog written by Invention Girl. InventHelp’s Invention Girl has the lowdown on all the hottest new innovations and technologies, and you might even find her to be a familiar face. Take a look!

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