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Well here it is, folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The first winner of the INPEX “5 Booths in 5 months” sweepstakes is (drum roll, please)…

Tom Ferrari, WA 

Tom is our December winner and will receive a complimentary booth at the 2008 Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX) in Pittsburgh, Pa. This prize package is a $995 value! Congratulations, Tom!!


And remember, inventors, there’s still another 4 booths left to give away! If you have a PATENT and a PROTOTYPE, and you haven’t already entered (only one entry is permitted for all 5 giveaways), you can enter now to win a free INPEX booth. Our next sweepstakes winner will be drawn January 8, 2008.


INPEX Booth Giveaway SweepstakesI’ve got some news for you, inventors – the INPEX Booth Giveaway Sweepstakes is officially underway! The contest will run for five months, and each month a new inventor will be selected to exhibit his or her invention in a FREE booth at America’s Largest Invention Trade Show (June 11-14, 2008 in Pittsburgh, Pa.).

The first winner will be drawn December 10th, and then a new winner will be drawn every month from January through April. Each of the five winners will receive a free 5-ft x 10-ft INPEX booth package – valued at $995 apiece!

Before you enter, there are a couple things you need to know. First, the contest is only open to U.S. residents. Second, in order to enter, you must have a registered U.S. Patent and an invention prototype or product inventory.

If you are a U.S. inventor with a patent and a prototype, you can register now for the INPEX Booth Giveaway Sweepstakes. Only one entry is permitted per person throughout the contest (so, for example, if you enter in the December drawing you are not eligible to enter in the drawings held in Jan, Feb, etc.).

Contest winners will be announced every month on the home page of the INPEX Web site and in this blog. So, register today and check back to find out if you’re the first of five lucky inventors to win a free booth at INPEX 2008!

Best of luck!


Hello, inventors and entrepreneurs! I’m Nicole Hait, Director of INPEX, the Invention and New Product Exposition. I’m happy to welcome all of you to the INPEX blog – your source for all the latest news, updates and info about America’s Largest Invention Trade Show. Along with the launch of our new Invention Show Web site (be sure to check it out!), we also have a lot of other exciting events in store for INPEX 2008.

Just like last year’s show, INPEX 2008 will feature product searches from companies looking for new products to add to their existing lines. Already signed on for this year’s show are Tupperware, Everlast and Hasbro. If you have a product that would be applicable to one of these companies, you can come to INPEX and pitch your product directly to their representatives (find more info about our product searches on the INPEX home page).

Also, coming in November will be the start of our first-ever INPEX booth giveaway contest. Inventors with patented inventions can fill out an entry form and have the opportunity to win a free 5×10 booth at the 2008 show. In total, we’ll be giving away FIVE booths – that’s a booth a month for five months! The contest kicks off November 15th!

As the 2008 show continues to take shape, we’ll keep you posted on all the events and opportunities available. Our show has been growing steadily for the past several years, and we’re continuing to work hard to make INPEX 2008 our best show yet. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of it!