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InventHelp's INPEX Award Winners

Before the planning for our 2015 show gets underway, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate those who won awards at INPEX 2014! Aside from gold medals given to inventors in 45 different categories, these three inventors won the following top prizes:

Grand Prix Second Runner-up

A $2,000 cash prize, was awarded to:

Ching Hsiang-Hsu, of Taiwan, for Eco-Friendly Electrolyte Gold Stripping Technology.

Grand Prix First Runner-up

A $3,000 cash prize, was awarded to:

Richard Persinger and Thomas Conner, of Ottawa, IL, for The Cargo Cart Attachable Bicycle Trailer.

The Grand Prix Award

A $7,500 cash prize, was awarded to:

Wade Belote and David Nelson, of Richmond, VA, for Micron PowerPak.

The PowerPak provides significantly more power and energy per volume and weight than the standard starter battery; 4x standard cranking amps at 2,500 cranking amps; recharges in 30 seconds and weighs just 11 lbs.; green – no lead/acid.

A complete list of all of the award winners is now posted on the INPEX website.

We want to congratulate all of these winning inventors, as well as all of the inventors who attended INPEX 2014. We hope you enjoyed the show!



InventHelp's INPEX Trade Show StaffThe INPEX staff is busy preparing for our INPEX 2014 trade show, and we’re finishing up all of the last minute preparations. We’re very excited to get things kicked off next week!

If you are exhibiting at INPEX and have any last minute questions about the show, please contact your account representative for information.

Livia Bebing – 1-888-544-6739, ext. 4113

Kimberly Behr – 1-888-544-6739, ext. 4115

Lenora Flenniken – 1-888-544-6739, ext. 4117

Amanda Herman – 1-888-544-6739, ext. 2322

If you need to get in touch with anyone on staff at the show next week, please call 412-965-6143 – (Exhibitor Registration) or 412-977-2785 – (Attendee Registration).

If you’re a business attendee looking to come to INPEX to walk the show floor, please call 412-288-1300 x 4159 or visit

We look forward to seeing everyone next week at the show!

Don’t forget to tweet and post instagram photos using the hashtag #INPEX2014! (INPEX Twitter: @Invention_Show)



We are honored to welcome back our judging chairmen, Andrej Skrinjar and Howard Lim. They were our 2013 chairmen, and have returned to co-chair our International Judging Committee. Judging the ideas is an important part of INPEX’s annual trade show because winning an INPEX award may provide an inventor with credibility, notoriety and recognition for their invention.


Maxine Clark Build A Bear Founder InventHelp INPEX 2014 SpeakerIn addition to the keynote address by Maxine Clark, founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop, which will kick off INPEX2014, INPEX also offers the Inventors University, held each morning before the show floor opens.

The INPEX Inventors University is a program of seminars, presentations and panel discussions to provide information inventors may find useful in pursuing their inventions or new product ideas. Inventors certainly can’t make it through this difficult process alone, and arming inventors with knowledge about the invention industry can only aid inventors as they work through the process of product development, patenting and marketing their idea. We encourage our inventors to attend these seminars to take full advantage of the education that INPEX has to offer!


If INPEX® is your first trade show, you may be wondering how to attract business attendees to your booth. I’d like to share some tips with you to help get more booth traffic, and then be remembered once that interested attendee walks away!

  1. Eye Catching Display: Attendees tend to gravitate toward exciting, colorful displays or dynamic product demonstrations.
  2. Remember Business Cards: Always write a note on the back of business cards given to you by the business attendee. Helpful reminders on what you talked about or what they liked will keep you refreshed if you speak with them again later.
  3. Free Stuff!: Everyone LOVES the word “FREE” – consider offering some type of free giveaway at your booth, even something as small as candy to attract attention.
  4. Have A Booth Buddy: If you need to step away, the buddy system is helpful to avoid your booth appearing empty, therefore unapproachable.
  5. Get Your Sales Pitch Right: Practice and perfect your 2-minute elevator pitch! Be able to explain your invention in 2 minutes or less to interested attendees!

See the INPEX Infographic below to help you remember these trade show tips!