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If you have a product that you think you might be able to sell on television, the InventHelp-INPEX New Product Showcase at Electronic Retailing Association’s (ERA) annual convention will be held September 11-13, 2012, at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.  This showcase will give inventors the opportunity to present their new products to companies in the direct response television industry.

The ERA D2C Show is the only trade show dedicated to direct response retail sales and product development on TV, radio and online! During the three day show, inventors who have booked booth space will attend educational seminars and present their product to a panel of direct marketers and retailers for a chance to be crowned, “Inventor of the Year.”

Also, the top five scoring inventors will have the chance to see their product pitched on stage by professional pitchmen & women in front of a live audience. Inventions are chosen based on DRTV pitchability and DRTV potential.

At INPEX® 2012, twenty inventors were selected by panelists from the DRTV industry for an invitation to participate in the ERA D2C Show. Along with these inventors, we’re also inviting any inventor who thinks they have an appropriate product to contact us for more information. Space is first come, first served, and inventors will need to fill out a vetting form about their invention so that experts from the DRTV industry can pre-qualify them to exhibit at the show.

To see if your invention or new product qualifies to participate in the InventHelp-INPEX New Product Showcase contact me, Nicole Hait, at (412) 288-2136 x4159 or email


Don’t miss Patrick Raymond, one of the 2011 Chairmen of INPEX’s International Judging Committee, on his new show on the Food Network.

The show, titled “Invention Hunters,” follows Patrick and Steve Greenberg as they hunt high and low across America in search of the next great food invention. In each episode, they will come across three home inventors who each believe they have a million dollar food invention. Steve and Patrick will choose one to bring to their contacts in the retail manufacturing world to convince them to produce the product and bring it to market.

The show premieres this Monday, May 14, at 9 p.m.

For a sneak peek, visit the link below.

Best of luck to Patrick with his new show!


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I wanted to share this blog article with all of you would-be inventors and tinkerers out there! In today’s world, robots are becoming more and more of a reality. Remember when we all watched the cartoon show, The Jetson’s, and thought that’s what the year 2000 would be like?

So, maybe our world isn’t quite like that yet, equipped with robot servants (remember Rosie?) or flying cars. But technology has brought us to places we could only imagine 50 or 100 years ago. Robots to clean the house, cook dinner or help the kids with their math homework aren’t as far out as we once thought.

One of our frequent readers, Roxanne Porter, writes blog stories for In one of her recent blog posts, she discussed the hilarious problems that could come with robots becoming nannies.

Take a look!


Thanks for sharing, Roxanne. This is funny stuff!


Ahhhh….that’s the sound of a relaxed INPEX® Director – I recently returned home from a wonderful vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina. After such an exciting show in June, it was much-needed!

Of course, wherever I go, I’m always thinking about inventions and innovation, and I am always curious as to how the things surrounding us came to be. While I was soaking up the sun in Hilton Head this past week, I watched the children on the beach building majestic sandcastles. They’d fill their plastic buckets with sand, pack it together with water, and sometime later, a giant masterpiece was created. It got me wondering who built the first sandcastle, and how they came to be such a popular part of family vacations.

According to some theories, the ancient Egyptians built sand models of the pyramids. An Indian legend dating back to the 14th century also makes reference to the poet Balaram Das, who built devotional sculptures from sand, but the first documented sand sculpture wouldn’t appear until more than 500 years later.

It is commonly believed that the first artists to profit from their sandcastle building surfaced in Atlantic City, New Jersey, late in the 19th century. Some credit Philip McCord with creating the first true sand sculpture in 1897, which featured a drowned mother and her baby. But, by the early 1900s, word had spread that money could be made from building these giant sandcastles, so “artists” came from near and far to carve out their little patch of sand. They started to overwhelm the Atlantic City beaches, which irritated the town officials. Sometime in 1944, a strong hurricane ripped through Atlantic City, destroying the boardwalk and demolishing the sand dunes. The local government saw this as a blessing in disguise, rebuilding the boardwalk, but banning any sandcastle building along the entire stretch of boardwalk, a law that is still in place today.

In Europe, Professor Eugen Bormel created giant sand sculptures on the German coast at the North Sea summer resort town of Nordeney. His preferred models were mermaids and renditions of the Sphinx, which are still some of the favorite subjects for modern-day sand sculptors.

After World War II ended, and the modern American family started taking beach vacations, family sandcastle contests started popping up all along the east coast. Modern day sand sculpture as we know it really started in California in the early 1970’s, with the teaming up of Gerry Kirk and Todd Vander Pluym, collectively known as Sand Sculptors International (SSI). This team set the standard by organizing teams of sculptors to create incredibly huge and detailed replicas of famous castles and architecture.

Today most children have plastic buckets resembling sandcastle molds and most beaches host at least one sand castle contest each summer. Every year, Western Europe features hundreds of sand sculptors trying to outdo each other in size and special effects.

As always, inventors, enjoy your summer with your friends and family, and keep checking back to my blog and the INPEX® website for updated information regarding our 2012 show!


Lucky Dog FilmsHey inventors! Do you have a food-related invention? Lucky Dog Films is producing a show about food industry inventors for a major cable channel, and your invention could be on it! This new TV show will be co-hosted by Patrick Raymond, Founder of the Inventors Association of Manhattan and Chairman of the International Judging Committee at the upcoming 2011 INPEX Invention Show.