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…AJ Khubani, Founder, TeleBrands Corporation

AJ founded TeleBrands Corporation in 1983 on a “shoestring” with his life-savings of $20,000. The company is now thriving as a nearly one billion dollar marketing giant well-known for such hit products as PedEgg Power, Grab Bag, Hurricane Spin Mop, Pocket Hose, Dura-Rib and Dump Dinners book, among many others.

In 1987, after an initial infomercial, Khubani brought the first “infomercial” product to retail. The now iconic AmberVision Sunglasses were sold at NJ-based Herman’s Sporting Goods and was a retail success, selling out within days – reaching $150 million worth of sales during the product’s lifetime. In addition to being the first to bring these products to retail, Khubani is also credited with designing the famous, red “As Seen on TV” logo.

Today, TeleBrands products are placed in every major retail chain including WalMart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walgreens as well as Petco, AutoZone and 7-11. TeleBrands has revolutionized the “As Seen on TV” category in the United States and 120 countries around the globe.

AJ will be the Keynote Speaker on Tuesday, June 16th at 10 help kick off INPEX 2015. He’ll then conduct an Inventor’s Day product search after his presentation. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we add more details on AJ’s full itinerary for INPEX!

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