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 We love to update everyone when something good happens for one of our INPEX inventors!

We recently caught up with Michael Robb, a 2014 INPEX exhibitor with some good news! Here is his story…

Michael Robb’s potential customers were anyone who disliked drinking warm, canned beverages. The Gibsonia resident, just north of Pittsburgh, created a plastic ice cube that is shaped like the bottom of  beer and soda cans and is scientifically proven to keep beer ice cold.

When asked if the INPEX show exposure had benefitted his product, his answer was emphatic.  “Without a doubt, INPEX was the best thing I ever did.” He added, “There are so many opportunities for inventors to meet influencers and deal-makers and suddenly your idea has the capacity to turn into a ‘must-have’ product.”

The Beer Blizzard is a plastic ice cube, filled with a hydra-gel that freezes quickly, instantly causing a beverage to begin to drop in temperature. It stays frozen for a considerable time and the cubes work with any aluminum can or glass bottle and can be used again and again.

Thanks to the attention Robb’s product attracted before and during the INPEX show, he launched a campaign with an initial fundraising goal of $5,000 dollars. Robb’s Beer Blizzard campaign reached the $5,000 dollar goal in four days with close to 400 backers wanting to get their hands on this revolutionary product. The campaign closed on June 9, 2014 with more than 2,000 backers and $43,574 pledged. Robb and his co-inventor and friend, Tom Osbourne, had confirmed sales to all 50 states as well as overseas including Germany, Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, their “As Seen on TV” ad has been airing on sports channels, including NFL, NHL, NBA and 12 other networks. Go to  to learn more about the product and view the commercial.

Congratulations to Michael and we want to wish him the best of luck as he continues to develop the Beer Blizzard.

If you want to get exposure for your idea, find out more about INPEX 2015, America’s largest invention trade show, held June 16-18 at the Monroeville Convention Center just outside of downtown Pittsburgh. Call 1-888-54-INPEX to speak to one of our account representatives to help reserve your booth today! Booth space continues to fill up quickly!

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