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InventHelp's INPEX Award Winners

Before the planning for our 2015 show gets underway, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate those who won awards at INPEX 2014! Aside from gold medals given to inventors in 45 different categories, these three inventors won the following top prizes:

Grand Prix Second Runner-up

A $2,000 cash prize, was awarded to:

Ching Hsiang-Hsu, of Taiwan, for Eco-Friendly Electrolyte Gold Stripping Technology.

Grand Prix First Runner-up

A $3,000 cash prize, was awarded to:

Richard Persinger and Thomas Conner, of Ottawa, IL, for The Cargo Cart Attachable Bicycle Trailer.

The Grand Prix Award

A $7,500 cash prize, was awarded to:

Wade Belote and David Nelson, of Richmond, VA, for Micron PowerPak.

The PowerPak provides significantly more power and energy per volume and weight than the standard starter battery; 4x standard cranking amps at 2,500 cranking amps; recharges in 30 seconds and weighs just 11 lbs.; green – no lead/acid.

A complete list of all of the award winners is now posted on the INPEX website.

We want to congratulate all of these winning inventors, as well as all of the inventors who attended INPEX 2014. We hope you enjoyed the show!


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