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The INPEX staff is excited to welcome Wendy Robbins of TLC’s Homemade Millionaire to INPEX® 2011 to look at inventor’s products!

Wendy will also be speaking at INPEX® during the Inventor’s University on Tuesday, June 14, at 3:00 p.m. She’ll be providing inventors with the following tips at her seminar:

  • Find out exactly who your buyers are and what they are looking for
  • Learn the 6 steps you need to know to pitch your product and what would help buyers to purchase from you
  • Practice your pitch in front of Wendy and others in the class

She will then walk the show floor on Wednesday, meeting with inventors and allowing them to pitch their product to her. Wendy will be looking for products that she can pitch to America’s Home Shopping Network (HSN!)

Wendy Robbins co-starred in the TLC series Homemade Millionaire with Kelly Ripa, showing women how to manufacture, distribute and pitch their inventions to HSN. She is the founder of Nowhere to Millionaire LLC, and the group “1,000,000 Fulfilled and Financially Free Women Making a Difference.”

Wendy has had her share of struggles including leaving home at 14, being homeless and living in her car. She went from being $10,000 in debt to making millions by co-inventing and marketing The Tingler™ head massager.

She is a leading expert on mastering the “millionaire mindset” and how to manufacture and market ideas. Her best-selling book, “Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One! (And While You’re At It, Change The World!“) is currently being distributed by Hay House World-Wide.

For more information on Wendy Robbins please visit

Do you think you have the next big idea for HSN? Don’t miss the opportunity to pitch your product to Wendy at INPEX® 2011! Find out more about INPEX® 2011, America’s largest invention trade show, held June 14-17, in Pittsburgh. Call 1-888-54-INPEX to speak to one of our account representatives to help reserve your booth today! Booths are filling fast!

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